VAMMS Corporation

NEMT & Escorted Medical Transportation Services

Here at VAMMS Corporation, we offer an array of transportation services to fit your needs. 






















Point-To-Point Transportation




attraCtive & comfortable transit

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Workman's Comp Appointments          Radiation Treatments

Physical Therapy                                  Hospital Discharges                           

Occupational Therapy                          Chemotherapy                                     

Nursing Homes                                     Dental Appointments

Doctor's Appointments                        Assisted Living Facilities  

Dialysis Treatments                             Vascular Surgery

Outpatient procedures                        Prescription Pick-Ups




Are you tired of waiting long hours for your transport to pick you up after your medical appointment?

Are you frustrated with the lack of great customer service?

Are you ready to ride in a suitable & clean vehicle?

Are you in search of someone to assist you during your entire medical appointment?


Look no further. VAMMS Corporation is the best choice for you! Call Us Today.

You are one step closer to receiving the best transportation experience for your medical needs.